Lighting & Wipers

Simi Valley AUTO CARE is the leader in Simi Valley for all of your Lighting & Wipers needs! The lighting and wiper systems in your car or truck play a vital role in your ability to drive safely in and around Simi Valley. The possibility of an accident increases when you are not able to see or be seen when driving your vehicle. When you notice a problem with your lights or wipers you should come by our Simi Valley automotive service center for a free inspection. The wiper system is designed to provide you with clear visibility by removing excessive snow, water, or dirt from accumulating on the windshield of your car or truck. The lighting system is used to provide visibility for driving at night, dashboard instrument visiblity, interior lighting, and alerting other drivers of your intention to turn, stop, or of emergency situations. The components of the lighting and wiper systems regularly need replacement due to a variety of reasons, including operating conditions, frequency of use, the very material used to make the light or wiper system's components. You may be having problems with your lighting or wiper systems if you notice the wipers chattering or streaking during use, a signal light rapidly blinking, or your lights dimming.

The team of auto repair and service specialists at our Simi Valley automotive service center are professionally trained and certified in the repair and service of automotive lighting and wiper systems. Your safety is our number one concern and as such our mechanic staff uses only the best automotive repair equipment at our Simi Valley auto repair shop center.

Our services for lighting & wipers include the following:

Automatic Headlight Control Backup Lights Custom Headlights
Emergency Flashers Fog Light Installation Fuses
Headlight Adjustment Headlight Alignment Headlight Bulbs
Headlight Covers Headlight Relay Headlight Replacement
Headlight Switch Headlights Interior Lights
LED Headlights Parking Lights Stoplights
Tail & Marker Lights Turn Signals Washer Fluid Reservoir
Windshield Replacement Windshield Wiper Arm Windshield Wiper Blades
Windshield Wiper Motor Windshield Wiper Switch Windshields

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