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Simi Valley AUTO CARE is the leader in Simi Valley for all of your Tire & Wheels needs! Simi Valley AUTO CARE offers a wide selection of custom and performance wheels at our Simi Valley tire dealership. We appreciate and understand that your auto tires and wheels play an important role in the overall appearance and safety of your vehicle as you drive the streets in and around Simi Valley. While a nice set of wheels can really make your car or truck stand out as you drive the streets of Simi Valley, the tires rival the brakes as the most important safety device in your vehicle. Understanding the importancethat tires and wheels play in your vehicle's performance and safety will go a long way in ensuring your ride in Simi Valley is a safe and comfortable one.

Simi Valley AUTO CARE is considered by many to be the best tire center in Simi Valley due to our expertise in helping our customers choose the best tire for their automobiles. Our tire experts take the time to explain to our Simi Valley customers that most tires consist of 4 parts - tread, sidewalls, inner carcass, and beads. The tread is the part of the tire that meets the surface of the road and provides you with the traction needed when driving the streets in and around Simi Valley under all types of driving conditions. The sidewalls are designed to be flexible so as to absorb loads when driving and the inner carcass serves to resist impacts from potholes and bumps. The beads are the part of the tire where the rubber touches the metal of the wheel. Aside from providing a comfortable ride in and around Simi Valley, tires are designed to cope with the forces often associated with vehicle acceleration, braking, and steering. A common problem faced by many tire manufacturers is that no one tire is best for ALL the road conditions drivers in Simi Valley experience. The tire experts at Simi Valley AUTO CARE know that your tires must be strong enough to resist damage while having enough flexibility to cushion impacts. Additionally the rubber of the tire needs to be hard enough to provide for thousands of miles when driving on the hard road surfaces of Simi Valley but soft enough to provide adequate traction when it rains and the roads of Simi Valley are wet and dangerous. The design of the tire must be a compromise between these conflicting considerations.

The wheels on a vehicle are created from stamped-steel parts that have been welded together. Wire wheels and one-piece cast or forged aluminum wheels - mag wheels - are often available as options on many cars and trucks. Racing cars will sometimes use magnesium wheels in an effort to save weight and increase performance, but this type of wheel is not practical on normal roads as salt corrodes them over time. Stamped wheels are made up of two parts - the rim and center. The wheel center is offset to allow for the suspension and brake components and is attached to the vehicle hub by bolts that are often called lugs. There are also ventilation holes in the wheel that help keep the brakes cool.

Our services for tire & wheels include the following:

Aluminum Wheels Chrome Wheels Custom Wheels
High Performance Tires Mud Tires Performance Tires
Performance Wheels Steel Wheels Tire Alignment
Tire Installation Tire Pressure Check Tire Rotation
truck Tires Wheel Balancing Wheel Packages
Wire Wheels   

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